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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year! A New Resolution! Ya right.

The kids are back in school, Christmas is all packed up, and I'm going to write EVERY day!! At least that is what I told myself. Today is day 2, and as I left my computer to begin the "pick up the kindergartner" routine, I realized....all I have done for the last two hours is stare at my computer when I should have been cleaning my kitchen. (It is seriously nasty)  Yes, this morning I dutifully ignored the breakfast bowls of milk curdling in the sink and focused all my efforts on my writing.

 Unfortunately, my characters believe they are still on their well deserved hiatus.

So, instead magically pulling an amazing chapter out of my proverbial magic hat......I mentally argued with fictional characters in my head, quite literally.  (I'm beginning to see why quite a few of our literary progenitors were reclusive.  Everyone else thought they were plumb crazy from talking to their mental creations.) And to add insult to injury, I betrayed my stalwart companion, Pepsi, with his arch nemesis Coke Zero. What can I say? I'm cheap, it was on sale thus in-house, and I didn't want to drive to 7-11.

Either way, I have decided to embrace my...shall we call them idiosyncrasy's?  One reason being my husband is fully aware I'm crazy, and loves me anyway. The second is that my characters are still on strike so I plan to bring more ideas to the bargaining table tomorrow. Hopefully, we can end this controversy peacefully and with a few pages in tow.  

Oh ya, and with a Pepsi.

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