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Young Women Value Walk

                                       Quest of Values
                                       By: Annika Paxman

You are daughter’s of royal birth, princess’ born of the Most High King. As such, you have been raised and taught how to be true
daughters of a King, but your wise and loving Father knows that it is not enough only to be taught. You must also act upon that knowledge. You must
begin your own journey, as agents unto yourselves. You must learn to stand for those truths your Father has entrusted you with, to live your life in a
way worthy of his Kingdom, for not all are worthy.
To prove your worthiness, you must now embark on a Quest of Values. Your journey will take you throughout the land far from the home you
know and the people you love. You must seek diligently. The values your Father has placed for you to find will not come easily, or without effort on
your part. These values you seek are the priceless gems required of you to attain your royal crown, and a place in your Father’s Kingdom.
Remember, you must make this journey alone, but your Father’s spirit will always be with you to protect you, to guide you, and comfort
you. Follow His guiding spirit, it will not lead you astray. Farewell, and I pray we meet again, in your Father’s presence as you are crowned with
His Glory and admitted into His Kingdom

Good Works-

You have traveled through the day and night and are weary, lost, and confused of where you should go. You decide to rest and eat, but as
you pull out your last pieces of bread a child suddenly appears before you watching you hungrily. You don’t know when you will next find food, but you
remember your father’s counsel that as you serve others, you are serving him. You hand the child the last of your meager meal who smiles beautifully,
warming your heart. He reaches out a tiny hand to you holding a small yellow gem and says, “Princess, here is for your Good Works, cherish it always
that it does not lose its luster. You must now take your journey towards the Great Mountains to the East.”


At the base of the Great Mountains you enter a village and go to the Inn for want of rest and food. The Innkeeper has taken pity on you for your lack
of money and agrees to feed and shelter you in exchange for your work in cleaning the stables. The meal was delightful and filling, the company of
people equally so, and as the evening wears on you want to stay inside the cozy Inn to relax and enjoy the festivities around you, but you hear your
Father whisper in your ear. “Remember your promises”. Your soul fills with guilt and you make your way to the stables where you work for hours. As
you climbed into bed later that night you find a purple gem and a note from the Inn keeper. “Thank you for your Integrity, now climb to the Narrows
Pass to find what you seek.”


As you approach Narrows Pass, you realize it is actually a steep ravine with a narrow bridge to cross it. An old woman greets you there
with hunched shoulders and worn hands. You try to cross the bridge but she stops you and hands you an old book. You brush it aside, you don’t have
time now. You can learn all your need to after you have returned to your Father. But she won’t let you pass until you cradle the book in your arms and
as you step across the bridge she calls out to you, “Princess! Knowledge will give you great power!” You simply nod, and continue your trek down the
other side of the mountain. It isn’t until you reach the bottom and sit to rest that you open the book and find a green gem glued inside with a note,
“No matter your trial or challenge, you must cultivate your mind and talents unceasingly. Never stop learning for as we learn we grow. Now look to
the forest for guidance.”

Choice and Accountability-

The forest surrounds you, and you approach a fork in your path through the thick folage. The path to the right looks narrow over rough
terrain, with thick bramble bushes to battle, but to the left is a wide well worn path lined with berry bushes and easily accessible. You choose the
easier path and as you travel, the sun warms your back, and the berries fill your belly, but as you continue on the path it begins to narrow and the
thorns of the berry bushes begin to scratch your skin and tear your clothes. The path seems to wander endlessly, winding back and forth through the
thickest parts of the forest, and you follow it for days, wishing you could turn back, but fearing it’s too late. The sweet berries become bitter, and
your stomach aches from hunger, and as you sit down defeated, you realize you chose the wrong path. “It’s wide and easy beginning tricked me! And now
I am lost! Father, if only you could help me find my way through the forest, I’ll choose the right way!” A man appears and lifts you gently and
carries you from the forest. “Who are you?” you ask. He smiles at you and says, “I am your older brother. Father has heard your cries, and sent me to
save you.” He opens his palm to you and gives you an orange gem. “You have learned of Choice and Accountability. If you are ever unsure of a choice,
just ask Father, and he will help you. Now go to the land northward and continue your journey.”

Individual Worth

You enter the through the gates to the city in the land northward. You feel at awe with the crowds of people as you stand in the market.
Men and women both old and young crowd the open square, buying and selling wares. Never in your life have you seen so many people! Hundreds of them.
Thousands of them! And old woman approaches you, her back bent with age. “You seem lost, my child. Can I help you?” Overwhelmed, you tell your story.
“I am a daughter of the Mighty King, and my Father has sent me on a quest, and I came to the land northward, but now I know not where to go?” The old
woman laughed shaking her head. “My child,” she says sweeping her arms to the chaos around them. “They are all children of the Mighty King, and have
all been sent on a quest. But are all now lost to Him. Your Father has too many children, how can he possibly know and help each one of you. You are
no different from the rest of them!”
Your heart sinks in fear and despair as you cast your eyes around the square feeling very alone. Can he really know and help all of us? You think to yourself. Suddenly feeling small and insignificant you fall to your knees and remember what
your brother told you in the forest. You call to your Father in your brother’s name asking for guidance, and you instantly feel a reminder of your
Father’s love for you and know the old woman is wrong. He does know and love every child of his, and you! The old woman places a weathered hand on
your shoulder, and with a smile says, “Well, done my child. You have learned your Individual Worth.” She opened her other hand and inside glittered a
red gem. “Now go, to the seashore which lay beyond city’s eastern wall.”


You smell the sea before you see it. The village , with its harbor, is smaller than the city but still overwhelmingly large. You walk
along the harbor filled with boats their sails reaching to the sky. Unsure where to go, you find a seat outside of a shop and rest yourself there.
Your body aches with fatigue, and your stomach pangs with hunger. A seaman watches then approaches you. His face darkened from days in the sun.
“M’lady,” he says, “You seem much fatigued, have you a place to stay and food to eat?”
“No sir, I do not.” You reply and he smiles.
“I can give you room and board, for nothing but a small price. I do not ask for money, as it is apparent you have none. No, all I ask is
for you to accompany me to a dance this evening, but I must be rewarded for my chivalrous deed with kisses and affection.” You are appalled at his
forward manner, but the pain in your stomach keeps the ‘No’ from reaching your lips. Kisses and affection seem like such a small price to pay when you
are so tired and hungry, but you remember your Father’s counsel to keep yourself clean and pure and you reply “No Sir, I cannot. Your price is much
too high.”
He smiles, and says “That is right Princess, my price may seem insignificant at first, but it is much too high. ‘Who can find a virtuous
woman? For her price is far above rubies.’”(Prov. 31:10) He gives you a gold gem and instructs, “Go to the water vessel, The Divine. It will
take you where you need to go.”

Divine Nature-

You enjoy the wind on your face as the boat sailed forward, carrying you to another land. You are not the only passenger. The vessel is
full of men and women of all kinds and you observe as some sit quietly alone, like yourself, and others laugh boisterously and speak crudely to each
other and about others. A man next to you tries to draw you into their conversation, and you want to join them. You have traveled alone for so long,
and they appear to be having so much fun. Maybe you could join them and laugh at only the clean jokes, you don’t have laugh with them when they are
being rude or inappropriate. But then you remember you are a daughter of royal birth, and must act like a princess at all times.
You decline the man politely, but he persists and asks you why. You tell him, “Sir, I may not look it now in these rags, but I am a
daughter of the Most High King, and no daughter of his would join in such ill mannered behavior.”
“You are correct Princess, no daughter of the King would or should engage in such activities. You have remembered your Divine Nature.” He
placed a blue gem in your hand then says, “Your journey is almost at an end Princess, a woman shall greet you upon reaching land. She will guide you


There was no city or village to be seen upon the land, just a lonely dock. The people exited from the boat to land then dispersed upon the
face of the land, and where they went you knew not. You waited for the woman who was to guide you further wondering where you could possibly go from
here, there seemed to be nothing but trees and forest around you. A beautiful woman approached and wrapped her arms around you in an embrace. “My
beautiful Princess, because you have continued your journey thus far, and have made it to this beautiful land you have shown your Faith in your Father
and his Son. You have followed their counsel to help you through the challenges placed before you and have continued through hardship never doubting
your Father’s care and love for you.”
She opened her hand to reveal a sparkling white gem shining brighter than the rest. “Without faith in your Father and in his Son, you could
not find your way home. Come, return and report of your journey to your Father, and show him the Values you have attained.”
Suddenly your eyes were opened and your Father’s house resting upon the hill was revealed to you. With joy in your heart, and the
knowledge you had done your best, you carried your Values cradled sacredly in your hands to your Father.