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Monday, November 5, 2012

Play dates, Campaigns, Sports, Plays, Holidays, Dr.'s and oh ya, Writing is supposed to be in there isn't it?

Can I just say, I miss the days when I lived on a street with a bazillion kids.  When playing with friends didn't require any pre-planning, driving in a car, or sending notes to school.  The days when it consisted of, "Mom, can I see if Billy can play?" Then out the door and a couple houses down they knock and ask.  Now, I have five kids harping me constantly about who can come home with them from school, or when can we set up a time to play with this person or that.  It's one of those totally awesome things you don't realize you have until it's gone.  Well, it's gone and now I miss it!!  (My totally random vent for the day)

As some of you know AM is officially turning into my over-achiever.  She has tried out for the school play earning the role of one of the comical narrator's, and also decided to run for Secretary at school.  Now I know I've mentioned I sometimes have a creative gene pop up for these kinds of things.  You know, creativity of the cutsied campaign poster variety.  Ya, well, that gene is currently hiding and is not coming out for anything!  I know AM needs to be responsible for most of it, but she keeps looking to me with hope and I just keep shrugging my shoulders.  Yup Mother of the Year right here folks.  So, as I struggle to think of a way to help my over-motivated child, recover from one season of sports to gear up for another, juggle my ridiculous Dr. appointment schedules ( Ya, it stinks I don't qualify for AARP for another 19 years.  Bummer), gear up for the Holidays ( let's be real, that's ALL I want to do right now.  Best time of year right now folks), and start delving into family history which is only slightly frustrating (sorry Dad, but if I had a dollar for every ' I don't know where it is right now, I'll have to find it' answer I got, I'd fly home and look for ya) my book gets pushed further and further to the back of my mind.

I have to admit, when I finally sat down to start working on my book again after such a long time, I couldn't even remember where I was going with the scene I was in the middle of. Embarrassing!!! I was re-reading and thought Dang! Nice foreshadowing Annika! Oh wait.  What am I foreshadowing?  Talk about a little deflating! So, for inspiration I decided to get back into my family history. (My book is based on the inspiring lives of my Grandparents)  Now, this is good I know, but then I got sidetracked from the actual story of their lives to the dates and genealogical side of things.  Now, every other Mormon out there knows that this is really a good thing, to be driven about our genealogy, but I really need to get my book fire burning! (Not actual book fire, like burning books you know.  Just to keep things clear and all :)

So, as I prepare for our trip to Kentucky in 12 days for Thanksgiving!!! (Not that we're counting) and chip at our genealogical wall, I really need to find time to let my mind disappear into Karelia and become my character's again! (without falling asleep) Here's hoping posting about this will make me more accountable. :)


  1. Yes, I agree, it is time to keep moving with your story :o) I'll come light a fire under you-haha! Sounds like life there is just as crazy as it is here....miss you so much!

  2. Yay for Kentucky!! Maybe that's why you wanted to to a historical fiction in the first place? Maybe "someone" was trying to draw you towards family history? Just a thought! And it's 8 days now! Woot woot!