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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Long Lost Blogger

My husband kindly pointed out to me the other day that I have failed to blog the entire summer. Yup, sounds like me! I've been a horrendous slacker, and now as I reflect back on our summer I think, how do I cram the entire summer into one post? My solution...the longest run-on sentence EVER. So here it goes. *ahem*

Family visits for a week so we tour D.C. my right arm begins to hurt and family leaves but my arm still hurts and I have a funky rash spreading on my left arm so I'm grumpy and my kids hate me so I go to the Dr. and discover I have shingles on the left arm and some weird ligament inflammation thingy on the right so I'm armless and quarantined to home including over the fourth of July which I then recover in time to prepare for a trip to Niagara Falls and Palmyra, New York with the kids, but the suburbans transmission is on the fritz, and we've already booked the hotels so we rent a Expedition which my husband hates but we have fun then we get home and start football for my son which practice is EVERY DAY and the groundhog living under our porch ate all the apples from the apple tree so I'm mad but I make 18 quarts of spaghetti sauce, 6 quarts of tomato juice, 16 pints of salsa, and 21 bottles of peaches, but now I'm feeling really crummy like a nasty cold won't go away but then it spreads to my chest which then feels like all my mother guilt has shifted from my shoulders to my chest and I'm grumpy and my kids hate me again and they're sick of having such a boring mom for the summer so I finally go to the Dr. and find out it's a respiratory infection, go me, so I get the antibiotic get the kids school shopping done take them to meet their teacher and send them to school with a love you and a hallelujah then took the first week of school off to relax, I can also now add an epic failure of a writing day to the list!

Okay, as a writer that previous paragraph is driving me CRAZY!!!

I hope your summer went a tad better than mine and here's to beautiful autumn!!!!


  1. Wow, who knew a trip from the Castillo's could trigger such a chain reaction. I'm hoping that if we visit for our fall break, your autumn doesn't turn out this way . . . and if it does, I promise I won't come back!

  2. I just awarded you with the Liebster Blog award! Check out my blog for the details. :)

    Summer is the best time to slack! Especially when you have little kids.