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Thursday, November 3, 2011

10 States, 5 Kids, 4 Days, 1 Moving truck, oh ya, and 1 Dog

So here we are! In Virginia...finally.  Now, the title of this post makes the story sound worse than it was.  I think.  No really, the kids were quite amazing considering we had ten and a half hour days in a car.  All I can say is thank heaven's for technology, and Aunt T and Grandma P who rode in the suburban with me on kid detail.  Without them I would be in an insane asylum somewhere in Nebraska.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let's start at the beginning, but reader beware, this might be broken up into different posts.  It is going to take you across the country with us :)

So It begins in Utah.... 

  We left pretty early since we weren't sure how far we would make it in a day with the ol' Penske.  So, with kids in their jammies and D and Grandpa P in the truck and me, Grandma P, Aunt T, the five little ones and the dog in the suburan we head out.  We were all pretty excited, even though we weren't even out of the Salt Lake City area yet.  We had made it maybe 30 miles into the trip when we heard our first, "I have to go potty" from the back, followed by a, "I'm car sick."  (In her defense, we were driving through Parley's Canyon which gets pretty twisty)  So, we call the guys in the truck telling them to keep going while we made a potty stop and I paid an exorbitant amount of money for Dramamine at a gas station, where A began complaining of a tummy ache. Lovely.

   We all load back into the burb and head out again.  Not ten minutes later A throws up in the back seat where AM (who is car sick remember) throws up as well by watching her little sister throw up.  Rest Area in 1/2 mile.  Hallelujah!
    We get everything cleaned up, the car aired out a bit and cringe at the fact that we haven't even quite made it to Wyoming yet. (not even close) Well, on the bright side we only have 2000 more miles to go!

The rest of the day went fairly uneventful minus the MANY potty breaks.  My favorite quote of that day however came from H who said, "Are we STILL in Wyoming?" (He is not the first to ever ask that question, nor will he be the last...)

After 10 1/2 hrs, we pulled into Sydney, Nebraska  where we took the kids to the local Cabela's to stretch their legs.  Their response was, "This Cabelas is smaller than ours!" and "Where is the fish aquarium?"  Needless to say they weren't too impressed minus the massive elephant which they thought was pretty cool.

We followed our Cabela trip up with a swim in the pool to wipe the kids out. Works like a charm folks.  Works like a charm.

To be continued....  :)

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  1. Love the chaos of SOMEONE ELSE driving long distance with kids! Really scares me that the next time we go to Maine we are driving-AHHHHH!