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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 2

On day two we wake up to a better tummy for A but an earache for C.  Anxious to get through good ol' Nebraska we hit the road. Now, Nebraska is slightly better than Wyoming, but our view never changed much.  It was mostly yellow and square...

Of course, our drive for the day wouldn't be complete without some kind of adventure! (Hello! We never do things half way!)  So, it is still sometime in the morning and one of the kids has to use the restroom.  Unfortunately, they don't give us very much warning and we keep driving hoping for a rest area or gas station but it's a no go.  The poor kid is about to have an accident and another adult (who will remain nameless :) has to go as well.  Finally!!! We see a sign for a gas station up ahead.  We take the exit and cross to where the sign is and then we take it all in at once.  The pavement ends, the 'sunshine house', the abandoned gas station, and the creepy-looking trailer behind it.

Now, there's no turning back now, we've raised the potty alert to a RED level.  So, we park the burb next to some trees to provide privacy and hope we don't interrupt a drug run.  No one dares go any closer to the pretty house above or any closer to the random trailer and gas station so a stall is uniquely engineered using trees, the fender, and an open car door.  Ya, we rock.  So, the poor adult (who like I said will remain nameless) Let's call them Chugga. (family joke) Anyway, Chugga is going to the bathroom in our one-of-a-kind restroom when Sistee (another family joke) who is standing guard, says," Uh oh! A car is coming!"

Chugga in a slight panic, "Are you serious?!"

Sistee (who is laughing now) "Yes I'm serious It's a white jeep and they just pulled in!"

Now Chugga is laughing, but can't stop going to the bathroom.  The white jeep pulls around in a way that we HOPE doesn't show Chugga laughing uncontrollably trying to stay in her precarious position while Sistee tries to look nonchalant laughing hysterically.  The car leaves without incident, but not before causing Chugga to make a mess of the hem of her pants, and giving Sistee and the rest of the car a good laugh. 

Unfortunately, nothing more adventurous happens that day which leads to some creative entertainment...

At the end of day two we pulled into a hotel just outside of Des Moines, Iowa.  Only two more days and 970 miles to go!


  1. I'm lovin' a play-by-play of your "adventure"!

  2. Come on keep writing.... I can't wait this long for the adventure. Chuck Norris would have written it all in one sitting.

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. BEST potty break ever!