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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New perspectives

Okay, so in the last month and a half, I have gained a new appreciation for different types of people, and have realized why I have NEVER had to do these things before because, lets face it..I'm not cut out for it.  Let's call these points, "Reality Checkpoints" shall we?
Reality Checkpoint #1-  The chronic Yard Saler.
   Now when I say 'Yard Saler' I'm not speaking of the person that goes out every Saturday morning to find the best deal. I'm speaking of the person that gives a yard sale week after week.  Having to sort through my already packed boxes and pull out the stuff that was not worthy of space in a Penske, price it, haul it out, make signs, barter with nit picky people (Exhibit A:  "You have this book marked for 15 cents."  Me: "Yes." Her: "Well, I'll give you a nickle for it."  Me: Seriously?! Oh for the love, just take the stupid thing! "Sure, That would be fine."), sitting outside for hours while people paw through stuff, then to clean up afterwards.  Yup, hauling it all to the nearest thrift store in the first place is the road for me.

Reality Checkpoint #2- The Single Mom.
   All I can say is......YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!  Having my main squeeze move to Virginia the beginning of August, I've had a taste of that heavy yoke, and I truly believe God knew I could never be as strong as you fantastic women for long term.  Thank heavens it's only for a few more weeks!  My figurative hat goes off to you fine ladies!

Reality Checkpoint #3- The Homeschooling Mom.
   Since we moved, and I am living with my in laws to help save for our cross country move, I didn't think it would be fair to make my kids start two new schools within six weeks.  So I thought Hey, I'll just home school them for a month or so.  Simple.  Ha! Now, I know a lot about homeschooling.  Shoot, I was home schooled for a couple years myself, loved it, and returned to school ahead of the rest of my classmates.  I've always known I wasn't 'homeschooling mom' material (hey, we all know our strengths).  Obviously my mother home schooled.  My sister, sister in-law, and two good friends of mine home school or home schooled as well.  Let's face it, I don't have that 'teaching' gift in me.  Some say that all mother's have that gift of teaching naturally.  I beg to differ, and I'm the prime example.  I believe all mother's naturally come with the gift of nurturing.  Teaching is a whole other ballgame.
    Thank heaven's for my mom.  She's taught K,2,4, was Principal, and later on the board of a private school, and won Teacher of the Year award winning a 25,000 dollar scholarship for her school  (To say the least she comes highly experienced.  Yeah, I know, my mom ROCKS!)  Well, this ruler bearing angel has saved my bacon!  Every morning I take the kids to Gma K's where she already has their work for the day set up, a group concept to learn, and an amazingly permanent smile.  I'm basically the the classroom assistant/crowd control.  So, how do I know I'm not cut out to be a homeschooling mom?  Well, my mom is doing all the work, and I'm still ready to dropkick their cute little behinds back into a classroom.  So, to all you homeschooling moms out there...I give you three gold stars to the forehead! You're my hero's. 

So, to end my rambling post, I decided to dedicate this cartoon to homeschooling around the world!


  1. You are amazing! Hang in there. All will be right soon.

  2. I've been feeling the same with homeschooling...
    And I'm sure things will only get easier from here on out! ;)

  3. I can't imagine trying to get my family ready to move, get my stuff ready to move, home school, no husband, and living with my in-laws, no matter how wonderful they are, it's still hard! I'm only trying to pack our family up for a couple weeks vacation and I'm convinced I'm going crazy-hehe! You're doing a fantastic job and will all be together and everything will be perfect (and the kids will be in school!)!

  4. Wow. You have a lot on your plate! Good luck! Really. I am feeling overwhelmed/had a breakdown this week at my own homeschooling right now--and we are not moving and my husband works from home. Praying for you!