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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Boys will be boys...destructive

This post will probably be the most random of all posts, but it is a thing with which our house has the honor of dealing with quite frequently. I call it the Optical Graveyard because, well, that is exactly what it is.  W has been wearing glasses since he was two, and this is the result.  Thankfully I have an amazing husband who can fix just about anything.  (Really, he's that good.)  It seems about a couple times a month W has bent, twisted, or broken his glasses.  Dustin has been able repair each pair of glasses at least twice (thankfully or else we'd have double the size of graveyard), but there comes a time when nothing but a roll of duct tape will do. (which I will NOT do) So, it is tossed into the little Ziploc baggie kept in a top cupboard of the kitchen.  Then when the newest pair of glasses breaks, we take a trip through the Optical Graveyard in search of just the right part.  Now that it has been a few years, our selection of parts is growing. W got a new pair of glasses just four months ago. Dustin has already replaced the foot once and re-bent them back into shape a few times.  The other day W decided to try and bend them back himself. Yup, they snapped. *sigh* Our insurance only covers one pair of glasses a year. Uh, yeah we go through a lot more than that so thankfully we discovered zenni optical online.  Where you can order glasses for extremely cheap. So, while we wait for two pair of replacement glasses to come, W is stuck wearing a pair that were still wearable, but extremely small for his face.  Oh, the joys of parenthood.


  1. Which he then decided to play around with during Sharing Time...
    I said to myself - "I hope those are the glasses that are made to bend that way..."
    Gotta love little boys!

  2. SO glad we found Zenni before I had a kid start wearing glasses. Between that and the Coastal Contacts giveaways, we have saved so much money on glasses!
    But I have to say that I am thrilled that at this point we don't have any boys who need them....