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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why write?

Okay, so I've had the question posed to me before, "Why write a book based on your Dad's parents, but not your Mom's?". As I've pondered this question, I've figured out my answer. (imagine that!) It has nothing to do with loving one side of the family more than the other. I am totally an equal-opportunity writer...okay I just totally made that up, bet you couldn't tell. No I love both sides of my family, and both are you unique in their own way.  The truth is, while my Mom's side of the family has an amazing story as well, I feel it has already been told by others.  Not directly of course, but the general history has been.  My mother's side comes from a long line of Mormon's and were part of a handcart company and so forth.  Many people have written about that.  My Father's family however,  comes from Finland, the Karlian Isthmus to be exact.  The happenings in this area of the world from the Russian Revolution and on through the ensuing World Wars is little known, and as I have increased my research I'm surprised at how little first hand stories are available, at least in English.  I feel a responsibility to tell their amazing story!  It is slow going at the moment ( hopefully things pick up once school resumes for the kids) I am currently trying to write up a synopsis of the book to put here on the blog, to let people know what it is about.  Hopefully I'll get that up here soon, in the meantime your stuck with my rambling!


  1. I think I'm even more excited about this book than your other one! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE stories from that area in the world and the time period. No pressure...but hurry up so I can read it :o) j/k

  2. I wonder if my sister-in-law has some family history from there. I don't know much about her family at all. If you run across any Porkka's in your research let me know! :)