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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My farewell to heels.

Oh the love of heels!  It was love at first step when I pulled on my first pair of what I like to call "Hooker Boots".  The slender spiked heel made me feel more than tall. It was the ultimate femme fatale.  

Soon, my entire collection of footwear sported a heel. Whether it was stiletto or wedge, didn't matter. I wore it.  I could spend the entire day shopping perched precariously atop any type of high heel.  For those who know me, this was a bit against my nature.  I have never been a fashionista nor all that 'girly'.  So what possessed to me to became so attached to heels?  I think it was one way I could feel dressed up, while hauling babies, toddler's all while being pregnant.  Having five children in five years has a way of making you feel a bit like a sleep deprived hermit.  I could just be running to the grocery store for diapers, but put on my hooker boots under my jeans and I might as well be going down the red carpet! I was alive! (just a tad pathetic I know).

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and my love affair with heels has hit a rough patch.  My back has now decided to place an irreversible blow to my heeled paradise.  I began to have back pain like we all do, but soon it grew to be more than just a back ache.  After visiting with Doctors, enjoying rendezvous with various imaging machines, and multiple types of injections, the results were in and I quote, "Your facets just look absolutely gnarly" and "If I were to just look at the results I would assume we were discussing a fifty to sixty year old woman." (I assure you, I am nowhere near that age)

So, this winter I did what I had not done in over thirteen years.  I bought FLAT completely reasonable boots.  And then I cried. (Ok, not really, but I was really sad to walk by all those gorgeous hooker boots)
I'll admit, my feet absolutely LOVE their new, soft, warm home in these boots. But every time I go to my closet, my heels sit looking so lonely and forgotten.  And on Sunday I splurge a little and put on some heels.  Then they are the first thing I rip off with a sigh the moment I get home.  So, to my dear heels, this is farewell.  Our love was just never meant to be.


  1. Sad sad day, but I'm all for a pair of comfy boots too....goes better with my PJs :)

  2. I"m holding out hope that there is still some relationship left! You rock the hooker boot look!