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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snack Attack!

Okay, so I absolutely have to snack while I'm either writing or reading.  I'm not sure why but I certainly read and write a lot. (Obviously) So, I tend to tire of the same snacks over and over.  The snacks I have on hand vary frequently so I've come up with a few interesting combinations over the years.  My most common snack attack fix is chocolate chips.  I always have them on hand for cookies (Unfortunately, they rarely make it into cookies)  Another common one is cheese nips or goldfish crackers. (Preferably the flavor blasted kind. Yum.)  Vanilla cookies, string cheese, Ritz, pudding, chips, candy (any form) and the list goes on.  I figure you have the idea. 

Well, today I got a little more creative.  My choice of snacks were low, so here's what ended up being my snack of the day as I edited sixty-eight pages of my manuscript. ( I know! I was so psyched I got so much done!) A green drink ( frozen peaches, strawberries, raspberries, mixed green salad and milk blended into yummy goodness)  a bowl of Lifesaver jellybeans, and finally slices of bologna.  Yup you heard me .... bologna.  You may laugh or gag all you want, but hey.... that mashed mystery meat surprise got me through another twenty pages of manuscript.  I guess we'll find out what I come up with tomorrow. ;)

My bologna has a first name it's....


  1. LOL, too funny! That is one weird combination of food. I occasionally like to eat bologna too.....

  2. Very random combo. I'm not quite a lover of bologna, but when my options are has been known to happen. Most of my "emergency" snacks tend to involve peanut butter-yum!