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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Too Much Imagination

Some of you may have heard my husband joke about my little 'vacations'.  The ones where I'm sitting right next to him but really not there.  He can be talking to me, the kids screaming my name, or the house burning down, but I'm not there.  I'm lost in my head.  (yes, I have considered this as being a possible mental issue, but so far I think I'm good.)  Usually, I'm in one of my books, and I'm not talking about the two in progress most are familiar with.  I currently have 5 books being written in my head.   Yes, 5.  I can't help it.  I see or hear something that triggers an idea that immediately snowballs.  And trust me... these stories are great! Unfortunately, I told myself I had to finish one of the two books in progress before being able to start on one of these other tantalizing little nuggets.

With that determination thwarting my desire to just start all of them, I decided on a course of action for now.  I'm placing Heart of Karelia on the back burner to simmer a bit and going to finish up Dangerous Illusions (name still subject to change) and submit it for publishing.  Here's my reasoning...It really is close to being done, (much closer than Karelia), I also was planning on trying to pitch this book first and have it be sort of my "publishing-guinea-pig" before I let anyone touch my karelia baby, the third reason? Well, then I could have one book down and justify being able to start one of these other ones crowding my head! 

My goal is to have it done and ready to submit by May.  Yes, I'm actually giving myself a deadline.  SCARY! Of course, I did manage to get eight more pages of it written this week...(thanks to Toy Story2, Shrek, and Barbie's Swan Princess) What would we do without technology eh?


  1. Although I'm sad Karelia is being put on the back burner because it's SO FANTASTIC! I am excited at the thought of seeing the other one finished----can't wait! I'm so excited for you!

  2. Good luck! I'm excited to read the other one too. And some day soon I'll get to Karelia. I promise.

  3. Awesome!
    I wish you sll the luck in the world. You have so much more courage than I do!!!