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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I received a phone call from my mom a couple of weeks ago which, in of itself isn't out of the ordinary, we talk on a very regular basis.  You'd think that after twenty-nine years I would be adapted to my mother's serendipitous nature, and used to the periodic surprise.  Nope.  At the time of this call she was at Costco and had been talking to an Author doing a book signing. (I'm sure some of you can guess where this is going, as this has happened before). Of course, like any good mother, she had been singing my praises and mentioned that I not only wrote, but reviewed books as well. (Yes her opinion is highly biased, but don't we all like it that way with our moms?)  Anyway, my mother then proceeded to call me and hand the phone to the Author( I know! I love my mom! I meet more writers this way!) The Author asked me if I would read his book then give him a 'woman's view' of it.  I figured there isn't anything easier then giving my womanly opinion on something right?  He wrote his contact info down and gave it to my mom.

Well, of course later when Dustin gets home from work and sees a new book sitting on the couch, I get 'the look'.  Which, I then instantly defend myself with, "I didn't buy it!".  (I have a strict book buying budget, which I have a REALLY hard time adhering to.)  He opens it up and sees the Author's contact info and gives me another look and says. "Annika, you really need to learn how to say 'no'."  (He says this because he worries I'm spending too much time critiquing other writer's work rather than working on my own.  Which isn't the case.  I can read a book with kids running around screaming, and playing.  Writing, however, I can not.) So, now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over with, and things are slowing slightly, I've been able to actually pick up and read a little more.  I'm about half way, (which is kind of frustrating because normally this book would've been done over a week ago, but what can you do, It's the Holidays!) When I'm finished, I'll let you (and the Author) all know how this one turns out!

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  1. I can't wait to hear how "this one" turns out! ;)