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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Writer's Paradise

Well Peeps, it happened. I finally got to cash in my Christmas present this year and went to my writing conference, and it was fantastic!!! Here is a picture of some of my new writing buddies that I met at boot camp. (boot camp was where some of us crazy enough to get up entirely too early, met with our fellow sadists to read our work outloud then proceeded to rip it too shreds....constructively of course) There were only five of us peons per table with a published author to help us newbie's out, and what and awesome experience! We were also strategically placed to be with others of our genre. (After flip-flopping between bringing my mystery/suspense, or my historical fiction, the historical won) This was great because our author, G.G. Vandagriff, who just won the Whitney Award for her latest book The Last Waltz! (I'm a huge fan) was so honest, and helpful. Anyway, it was refreshing to receive so many new and different ideas of how to improve my work that it was well worth the 5 hours total of intense critiquing, and the following 9 sessions of classes taught by author's of all genre's. I learned so many new ideas and 'tricks of the trade' that by the end of the two days my brain was about ready to explode! (I also think my right hand is permanently crippled from writing so many blingin' notes!) I also made a lot of new friends to form a writing/critique group with (someone who doesn't have to pretend my work is great because they're obligated to) It was a such a great learning experience and so many classes I wanted to attend that were scheduled at the same time, that if I'm around next year I will definitely be going again. I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in writing or improving their writing skills. To find out more you can visit

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