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Thursday, June 10, 2010

And it begins!

I figured once I got the kids settled down to breakfast and their vitamins I could sneak away and write something cute and clever for a first post. Haha! Yeah right. AM was upset because she got a purple vitamin instead of orange. "I hate purple!" I told her to get over it and made it to the top of the stairs with my laptop in hand when C fell to pieces in a fit of tears. He had dropped his vitamin and our dog Ashes ate it.
C's vitamin replaced I snuck away to hide out in my bedroom. (I'd hide in my closet but my antiquated laptop will no longer hold a battery charge and there's no outlets to plug in there) As my dinosaur is booting up I decided to get dressed and make the bed, in the process AM pounded on the door to inform me M, from next door, was borrowing three Charlie Brown books, and C wanted to know if he could go play outside. (I need a better hiding place)
Well, any thoughts of something cute and clever are long past, and I won't get much writing done today. I have already dedicated my day to cleaning. As many of you know I am a horrible neat freak. At the Ldstorymakers Conference I attended a class on writing full time by Anita Stansfield (she pops out books faster than I could babies!) She taught a lot about prioritizing, what do you spend a lot of time doing that could be cut out? She chose housework. Her house is messy and it bothers her, but that is the 'sacrifice' she chose to make. I figured, better the house than the kids right? My kids know how to clean bathrooms and vacuum so I decided I would put them in charge of that once a week and have to learn to live with it. That lasted a week and a half. I think I'm going to have to compromise on that decision. They are still in charge of cleaning, but I get to dedicate one day to my version of clean! So today is the day! And maybe I'll treat myself to a little reading when it's all done...A is now screaming at the door *sigh* I guess she found me, I really do need a better hiding spot! Any suggestions?


  1. You could always run a power cord to the closet. My hiding place is my bathroom... but I just hide in a bubble bath but don't write. Good luck!

  2. If I had any good ideas for you, I'd be getting more done myself. Good luck! :)

  3. Love the Blogs title! Cant wait to read about all your adventures