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Monday, June 14, 2010

No Pressure!

        As my kids sit at the table whining about the scrambled eggs for breakfast (AM has taken the role as leader of the anti-scrambled cause accusing others of not understanding the difference between good foods and bad foods. She gets it from her Dad, that inexplicable urge to debate just for the sake of debating) I've been thinking about a current writing assignment.  I'm not 'stressing' over it in a fretful sense, more that I want it just right.  I've been asked to write a value walk for a YW girls camp.  Yeah I know, I'm only in charge of that culminating activity stressing their faith and value and leading up to the most spiritual point of the camp, the testimony meeting. The theme is Daughters of a King and I have the beginning of the walk written and done, it is the different values left.  I'll be honest, I want them to be perfect.  (I know I'm asking the impossible) I think my biggest dilemma is I can certainly be 'long winded' when it comes to writing, and I've only got about a paragraph per value so the girls aren't there all night long.  I hope I can convey their importance in only a few lines. Plus they had to add Virtue to the list of values! I'm not quite sure what to do with THAT one! lol  Like I pressure! I have about 2 1/2 weeks left to get it done, so it has obviously been on my mind! Tick Tock!


  1. You'll do a great job! Good luck with your writing!

  2. YOu're soooo great, I have no fear it will be awesome!