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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Magic House

I've decided I have a magic house.  Yes, I said magic.  Not the kind where talking animals come in and help you clean. (Although I do like to sing while I clean) I'm talking about the evil, vindictive kind of magic house.  Now you all know I write three mornings a week when my two smallest munchkins go to pre-school.  During these three mornings there is nothing done but writing.  Literally.  I won't even answer my door, or my phone. ( So, I hope none of you have an emergency any of these mornings) 
Well, within these measly two hours of writing time, my evil magic house manages to produce enough mess to put me, not two hours behind, but more like a day! I know! And there isn't anyone home!

Yesterday was writing morning (I was able to get about six pages in less than an hour by the way), then a trip to pick up my mom to then head up to Temple Square where we met my Dad to see the lights. (beautiful by the way)  We got home close to nine, got the kids to bed and crashed ourselves.  You'd think with pretty much everyone being gone yesterday I would have a pretty easy day today right? WRONG!  I decide the Suburban has to take priority this morning since I am using it to haul a youth group back up to (you got it) Temple Square to see the lights.  After about two hours of vacuuming, wiping down, and investigating I still never found the decaying culprit stinking up the place. (evil magic) Oh well, they can plug their noses right? So I shower, and move on to the laundry.  Ugh! The laundry, that never ending beast.  I get through the kids entire laundry bin in the bathroom, it's folded and I think to myself how awesome I am for getting the kids laundry done!   As I'm feeling puffed up and proud, I realize I have to climb over piles of dirty clothes all over their floor to put the clean clothes away. (again, evil magic) Yeah, a bit deflating.  Now, I've moved onto Dustin's and my laundry.  As I'm shaking out a sweatshirt it some how manages to fling up, whip me in the face, smash my glasses into my nose, then literally throw them across the room. (okay, this was just my own klutzy self, but for my prides sake, we'll call it evil magic) 

Now, it is 3:30 and I have yet to do my hair, my make-up, the laundry is still going, my car still stinks, dinner isn't started, my beds not made, I've tripped on buzz lightyear for about the hundredth time, I have to be at the church in two hours to take a load of teenagers to Temple Square, and my nose hurts.  Darn that House Magic.

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  1. Song comes to mind on this one: Momma said they'll be days like this, they'll be days like this my momma said...