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Monday, September 20, 2010

Days Don't Always Go As Planned

{I thought it might be fun to add an * each time my kids interrupt me as well as what was said while trying to write this post. Hopefully it doesn't drive you as crazy as me!}

After a crazy weekend, and falling asleep to a million ideas for my book rushing through my head I was looking forward to this morning. (which is pre-school morning for my two youngest) *A; can I watch barney? Me: No*  Of course, Pre-school had to be cancelled this morning.  I can't really blame them, *A; can I have lunch? Me; no* I wouldn't want pre-school at my house when it was full of sick people or get my kids sick by sending them there either.  I figured it would be a good time to spend some quality time with the two younger ones *A; can I have an orange? Me; not right now* You know how you have those days or weeks when your with your kids all day but not really WITH them? I know you know what I mean. * A; I want a snack! Me; not right now*  Well that is *A; but I really want a snack!* how I felt about my kids last week.  So this morning we pulled out Sorry and I can guarantee you I was sorry! But the kids loved it *A is putting her leg over my lap top wanting a snack*  That game is never ending and after about 45 min. we finally finished the game with A winning. (apparently she isn't feeling like she's still had enough attention) *A; Can I ask if R can play? Me; no A: but I really want to have a snack! Me; What does that have to do with playing with R?*  I guess I don't think I'll get any work on my book done this morning, maybe during nap time? * A: MOMEEEE!!! as she lays prostrate on the floor* sigh I guess this post is done! lol


  1. This post just made me laugh because it's all too real for most moms:o)! Sorry your day started off so crazy!

  2. I hope they get to go back to school tomorrow. Good luck.

  3. hehe, yep sounds like my house, I can't even make a phone call unless it's nap time :)