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Monday, August 30, 2010

American Idol Phobia

You see them every season on American Idol.  Those poor souls who think they can sing, then proceed to humiliate themselves in front of millions of Americans, who are watching them for the sole purpose of comical entertainment.  It's sad.  I've always been afraid I would end up being one of those people with my writing.  I love writing, always have, but there is a difference between loving something and actually being good at it.  Well, I thought I was over that phobia until a book I just recently read.  I had won it and was asked to review it by the Author. It was painful.  I couldn't get past page twenty-eight, and I kept thinking, "what publisher in their right mind would publish this?"  The complete lack of dialogue, the grammatical and even spelling errors! I love google.  I pull up the publisher and have the lightbulb moment. It's self-published.  Now through all of this I keep thinking that someone, somwhere has had to have read this guys work, praised it, told him to go for self-publishing, tell him he's a great writer....and then it hits me again.  That American Idol Phobia! Am I like this guy, who thinks he can write but really I'm just horrible at it and no one else wants to burst my bubble? I'd like to think I have honest friends who once reading snippets of my work and realizing it's terrible would say, "Wow, Annika, stick to making babies." You would wouldn't you? Right? RIGHT?


  1. are a great writer and I would like to think that if your writing was bad, I'd tell you the truth. Of course, that hasn't happened, so I can't actually know for sure :o)

  2. Come on! You know we're honest enough in the Paxman family to come out and just tell ya! I LOVE to read your blog and your books-in-the-making! You're doing great!

  3. I tell Randy all the time that you have the most potential of any of the writers I know personally. You are really very talented. Don't let doubts get you down.